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Jewel bathrooms

LAPIS and STICK  collections

If you like precious materials, the elegance of shapes, the design tradition of the early 1900s, you are about to see the right project.
We are proud to share with you the “jewel” bathrooms of an Italian Art Nouveau villa, in which our STICK and LAPIS tiles are the protagonists.

Projects created by architect Sandra Farina.

Power to the size 5×20 cm – 2”x8”

LACCATI collection – 4,85×20 cm – 2”x8″

This is the story of a family apartment, in a 1960s building, which has been redesigned to become the home of a couple who has chosen to live in the town of Ortona. The apartment has two souls: the contemporary one of the new interior design and the one of memory personified by the furniture and objects that the couple brought with them from the houses where they previously lived. The double dimension winds through the spaces, related by colour and materials. We also find this play of contrasts in the bathroom, where the “Giallo medio” colour of the tiles in the shower from the Laccati collection sized 4.85×20 cm – 2”x8” and the refined green tone of the walls welcome some modern pieces that, renewed in their function, act as a built-in sink as well as an impromptu bookcase. The vertical laying of the tiles and the contrasting colour of the grout create clean lines suspended between past and present, simplicity and refinement!


Project by Alexia Caccavella Studio @acsinteriordesign

Mexican – style bathroom

LACCATI collection – 9,85×9,85 cm – 4”x4”

The colorful “MEXICO&NUVOLE” project is the work of the architect Davide Beretta. Bright colours, custom-made furnishings, Mexican influence and wood are the ingredients of the restyling of a 70s apartment in the heart of Milan. The bathroom, studied and custom-designed, it is an explosion of radiance and vitality thanks to the unicolor Giallo Medio glossy floor and wall tiles from the LACCATI collection, in the 9,85×9,85 cm – 4”x4” format.

PROJECT and PHOTOS: Arch. D. Beretta @davideberetta_studio

Trendy projects

Tiles: Lapis collection, Stick collection, Trapunta collection, Newport Collection, piastrelle personalizzate –  Ceramica Senio

With the beginning of autumn and  the usual appointments in the field of ceramics, it was nice to discuss and share the new trends regarding styles and colours. Many of you love us precisely for our colour offer, known for being extremely wide, and for the careful research, which makes Senio products always at the forefront. Colour and style will therefore be the protagonists of the 4 projects we’ll present to you this month. You will notice their strong chromatic personality, which also characterizes our brand.

Pastel palette and synergies among collections

Piastrelle | Tiles: Bridge Collection, Newport Collection, Westport Collection, Luna Collection  –  Ceramica Senio

The theme we want to explore this month is a must of our company: SYNERGY AMONG COLLECTIONS! The concept of SYNERGY has a very important value to us, because matching collections expresses versatility and creativity. We love to give you the widest choice in terms of shapes, sizes and surface finishes (matt, glossy, crackle, etc…), even picking just one colour… Isn’t it amazing?! In this way, even a single-colour space can be enriched by a smart combination of different items! Here you are 3 examples of settings designed in “synergy”, using the colour you have appreciated the most, in the latest months: the Aqua colour, a pastel blue, neutral and relaxing, which has become the new gray!

Projects in pink

Piastrelle | Tiles: Lapis CollectionStick Collection, Acqua Collection, Luna Déco CollectionSpatula CollectionTuscania CollectionLaccati CollectionEarth Collection  –  Ceramica Senio

The pink colour stands for refinement, calm, elegance, optimism and love. Positive qualities we want in life… and in our homes. We’ll reveal you a secret: in ceramics, the pink colour is very difficult to obtain. Specific raw materials, often difficult to find, are needed, in addition to a lot of experience in dosing them. Thanks to our laboratory and to our highly qualified staff, who work with passion and determination, we always manage to obtain any shade of colour requested by the customer. What are you waiting for? Click here to find out the latest projects made in pink!


Industrial Style 10. ideas

A few weeks ago we launched a contest on our Instagram page in which we asked which bathroom style you’d like to see in the next newsletters. 80% of you answered: INDUSTRAL STYLE! But what is it exactly? Which Senio tiles are the most suitable to recreate this mood? The industrial style was born in New York in the 1950s. After the war the need to fnd new lowcost houses made people choose shubby spaces, such as factories, ofices, business centers, etc. This is how on the East coast of the United States a new style has developped and is still one of the main trends in modern housess! Even the bathroom could not escape this trend. The materials remind of old factories: concrete, rustic wood, metals, exposed pipes and vintage furniture! The tiles, usually brick-layed like the old bricks walls which characterized these places, are mostly white or in shades of gray, often handmade, “aged” or fnished with metals glazes to add that eccentric touch, typical of the “chic” Industrial style.

Bleu hexagon_Pavia

Piastrelle | Tiles: Luna collection, Luna Déco collection – Ceramica Senio

We created this wall covering with the collaboration of designer Simona Nurcato, for a young couple in love with hexagonal tiles and cold colours.
We interpreted their needs proposing a geometric and irregular pattern composed by the tiles from Luna and Luna Déco collections in Aqua, White Moon and Blues colours. The silk  finish gives an even more “soft sense” to the whole environment.
The colours are mixed randomly in the different walls (except in the shower, where the sequence of a module is repeated) and the limit of the coverings is irregular.


Tiles by Ceramica Senio
Project by Simona Nurcato – BesideBathrooms

Photos by Davide Buscaglia


Colours and scents of summer!

Piastrelle | Tiles: Laccati collection – Ceramica Senio

Summer has just begun! There is no better way to celebrate it by colouring our homes.
We present two projects, a kitchen and a bathroom made with our tiles from LACCATI collection (Blend Solare and Blend Ciclamini), which give light and vitality to the spaces in which they are placed.
The sizes chosen are 10×10 cm and 20×20 cm squares, which in their simplicity allow you to create surprising drawings on the wall.
A personalized decoration was created in the bathroom wall, using just colours combinations, which create a strong visual impact!

Tiles, photos and project by Ceramica Senio Design office

The classic style never sets

Piastrelle | Tiles: Trapunta collection – Ceramica Senio

An old adage says that “the classic style never sets”… Nothing more true!
In terms of interior design, especially talking about bathroom, one of the most classic elements of all is white. Neutral, bright and elegant like no other, it has always been the preferred choice of many professionals and common people, both to cover walls and to furnish their spaces. This is the case of Sara, a showroom manager in the heart of Romagna (Italy) who chose the white tiles included in our Trapunta collection, to set a showcase box. Her concept was to create a classic, elegant and timeless setting because… “Fashion goes by, but Style … remains”!

Sales & project manager – Sara Bassi

Bathroom furnitures by Cila – Castel San Pietro Terme (Bo)

Tiles and photos by Senio Design office

Simplicity and colour: the cornerstones of a meticulous and creative project.

Piastrelle | Tiles: Spatula collection, Stick collection, Heos collection, Canvas collection – Ceramica Senio

Simplicity and colour were the cornerstones of the bathroom and the kitchen wall coverings of a young married couple. Clients, lovers of English style, immediately fell in love with our latest collections: SPATULA cm 10×20 – 4”x8” for their kitchen, creating a blend of 4 soft colours with staggered wall installation, and STICK for the bathroom with the 20×120 cm size to recall the English boiseries… of course with a touch of Italian Style given by the acquamarina colour! A careful and creative design perfectly combines the furniture and the wall covering, giving life to harmonious and colourful settings.

Tiles, photos and project by Senio Design office
Bathroom furnitures by Cila – Faenza –

Creative Bathrooms

Tiles: Luna collection, Chevron collection, Newport collection, Meteor collection – Ceramica Senio

2 bathrooms, 7 different sizes of tiles… Chevron, Hexagon, Half Hexagon… !!! We really enjoyed designing Roberto and Antonella’s bathroom, husband and wife, lovers of design and geometry. Both bathrooms are characterized by a modern style in which the play of sizes and the combination of mat and glossy surfaces characterize both covering and bathroom furniture. The collections used are CHEVRON and NEWPORT cm 6.5×26 – 2,5”x10” for the living area bathroom and the LUNA hexagon 20×23 cm  – 8”x9” for the master bathroom. The original concept was creating a creative layout by mixing surfaces, using special formats with neutral colors… The result was really amazing!

Tiles, photos and project by Senio Design office
Bathroom furnitures by L’Arredobagno Faenza

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