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“Our company is a unique Italian industrial reality, as we have been producing majolica tiles since 1968 with the same technique used in Faenza, to produce the famous Faience.

Our ceramics are designed and made with passion and care by people who love their work.

We believe in the quality of raw materials, in the strength of color, in the depth of glazes and in Made in Italy; we preserve tradition and craftsmanship that provide an extraordinary value to every industrial process.
We consider ceramics not as a simple covering, but as an interior design project to be customized.”


Our recipe for quality ceramics is the result of a continuous research for glazes, shapes, sizes, decorations, effects, finishes and … a lot of passion! Our ingredients are earth, hands, water, colors, fire, creativity …


We have always embraced the traditional double firing process, a technique that still today expresses the best possible aesthetic result in ceramics. By the double firing process, which involves slow firing cycles, the maturation of the glazes gives rise to an infinite range of color variations. The drafting of colored glass and the “depth” obtainable only by means of a slow firing process allow light to express particularly brilliant and unpredictable results, of amazing ceramic beauty.


The handmade decoration is a touch of art for us that makes the product a masterpiece.


We limit the use of machines, only where strictly necessary, in order to preserve tradition and craftsmanship that provide a unique value to every industrial process.
Each special piece, in fact, is initially designed and made by hand as if it was a sculpture and only afterwards the molds for wet pressing are created.


Our glazes, colours and surface finishes are the result
of the continuous experimentation of our laboratory.
The effects obtained on the surfaces are unlimited:
materic, crackle, antiqued, lacquered, transparent, silk, metallic, glossy …


We are versatile and we like to meet the demands of our
customers, architects, designers, who are increasingly turning
to us to develop custom tile lines.
Our handcraft approach to work allows us to fulfill
every request by providing even small quantities.
Our motto is: choose a size, choose a color … we’ll make it!


Our challenge is to be interpreters of tradition as well as of contemporary design. Our designers, attentive to new trends, daily develop new settings and furnishing installation ideas, in order to satisfy increasingly demanding customers, who are searching for what only the best MADE IN ITALY research can offer.

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