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We turn to you, the designer!
Ceramica Senio listens to you and, for this reason, we have created a single large collection of all our listels in 5×20 cm – 2”x8”, in glazed terracotta (133 colours). With this specific size of the Laccati, Earth, Mediterranea, Spa- tula, Murano, Bon Bon collections, you can now invent extra- ordinary patterns and mix them together for even more possi- bilities. Now, have fun!


Colours and Surfaces

EARTH opachi

LACCATI lucidi


SPATULA handmade - lucidi, opachi, metalli

MURANO handmade - craquelé

BON BON handmade - craquelé, lucidi

Special pieces

Download the collection catalog to check which size and special piece is available in the colour you want!

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