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SPATULA is a collection of double-fired ceramic tiles that combines contemporary style “Urban Chic” with handcrafts.
This name comes from the tool used to spread the glaze on the bisque, which involves a manual intervention that gives an irregular and unique appearance to each piece.
Double-firing is the process that produce Ceramics still made with earth dust, double-fired at more than 1000 °C  (1832 °F) and glazed with a manual intervention, to give your wall that special natural touch of craftsmanship that other products do not have. This tile, fired twice, is the real Ceramics, understood as a blending of Earth, Glaze and Fire. Some deformations, irregularities, impurities and accumulations of glaze created by the Spatula are due to manual intervention and they are to be considered a value, making these pieces almost unique. Spatula collection represents the fusion of high craftsmanship with design; its warm and natural colours, including metallics, empathize the raw material of which it is composed.



Special pieces

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