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SIGNS is a glazed terracotta tiles collection characterized by a three-dimensional surface with small grooves that sculpt the ceramic material, giving rhythm to your coating. The collection consists of a single size 15×15 cm – 6 “x6” in six warm and deep colours that highlight the sculpted details on its craquelé, polished or waxed surface. The collection is enriched by 2 precious colours called “Irisé ”. The Irisé surface is a mother of pearl glaze applied in 3rd firing which gives iridescence, metamerism and reflection to the texture it covers, giving particular and unique chromatic effects. The Irisé glaze embodies all the colours of the rainbow that are enhanced by refracting the light.


3D colours and finishes

3D Precius Madreperla colours

Plain colours

Special pieces

Download the collection catalog to check which size and special piece is available in the colour you want!



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