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Palazzo R. Bordini_Ravenna, Italy
Palazzo R. Bordini is a well known small ancient palace in the centre of Lugo, closed to Ravenna.
The decoration of the exterior façade recalls the floral motifs of the 19th century and the interior has a relaxing atmosphere created by light, rejections and pastel colours which warmed the environment.Everything is in perfect harmony, from the Renaissance furniture to our ceramic tiles.
In the ground floor bathroom, our Laccati collection displays delicate nuances of a warm sunset; Heos collection refreshes the atmosphere of the first floor bathroom with twilight colours whilst the crackle glass effect softens the geometric precision of the environment.
Trapunta collection, selected for the main bathroom on the second floor creates a warm and elegant room.
We were pleasantly surprised by this renovation where our ceramic tiles integrate with the environment and become part of this sophisticated and timeless project.

Design & Vintage_Private house_Ravenna, Italy

It’s a house converted from a former book binding workshop, in which our tiles play a leading role.
The planning of the rooms is characterised by the combination of design and renovation, as evidenced in the guest bathroom, a project based on the light green of an old chandelier from the 50’s.
The TRAPUNTA range was selected for the walls, because its colour range includes the same colour as the chandelier as seen in the detail of the shower with special finishing pieces,quartino, breaking up and heightening the complete whiteness.
The main bathroom features hand made tiles in an antique style with a combination of formats (cm 5×5 – 10×10 – 10×40 – 20×20 – 20×40) of the ARTIGIANALITa CONTEMPORANEA collection.
The shaded colour, bianco Luce, recalls the artisanal flavour of the wall tiles used to blend with the warmth of the wooden beams in the old farmhouse with ceramic.
Finally, the bedroom merges the styles, ancient to modern. The technical appearance of the floor tiles, GEO in grigio pietra blends with the sophisticated design of the hand made bedside tables of iron work with our decorated tiles inserted.


“Cambio casa, Cambio vita!”

Ceramica Senio contributed to the realisation of the third episode of the new season of the TV reality show  “Cambio casa, Cambio vita” (Change the house, change the life), which has been broadcasted on May 28th by Italian TV channel Mediaset La5.

Immagini: The Munchies Movies Production

Ancient loft in the heart of Florence, Italy

This loft is located on the top floor of a building in the Le Cure district in Florence, a few steps from the historic city center. The rooms, restored by Lorenzo Liverani architect, are bright and carefully furnished by the owner and her husband who, being an estimator of wood, has created small furnishing artifacts that even more emphasize the artisan taste of our tiles. But let’s go into detail! The kitchen is a perfect mix of modern style and tradition, thanks to the hand-decorated majolica ceramics, unique because irregular terracotta fragments. The most personalized environments are the two bathrooms that convey a sense of welcome and warmth thanks to the artisan tiles: yellow Heos and white majolica in the guest bathroom with window and decorated Stile Severo in the main bathroom. This apartment has been renewed maitaining the charm and the character of tradition!

Project by Lorenzo Liverani architect


  • Tradizione Artigianale
  • Stile Severo
  • Heos
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