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I LACCATI collection represents an important array of colors masterfully created by the ceramic artists at Senio workshops. The traditional production process of glazed terracotta, characterized by slow firing and always used by Senio, has allowed the reproduction of ceramic glazes as they once were, bright and velvety to the touch, with shades of rare chromatic brilliance. I LACCATI are an example of ceramic craftsmanship that reflects the culture of a territory rich in history such as Faenza and its workshops. The delicacy of the glossy surface of the colors evokes the characteristic lacquering of furniture; for this reason, I LACCATI fully belong to the world of interior decoration. The 66 colors are available in a vast array of formats, mosaics, and special pieces from which designers can draw to create their own “creative cocktail”!




blend Acquerello

blend Biacche

blend Cachemire

blend Ciclamini

blend Cipria

blend Faenza

blend Malva

blend Mineral

blend Neoclassico

blend Siderale

blend Solare

blend Turchesi

blend Tuttifrutti



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