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I Laccati: an important collection of colours made with the masterly skill of the ceramic artists at Senio laboratories. The traditional production process, with its characteristic slow firing, has always been used at Senio and enables the ceramic glazes of the past to be reproduced: bright and velvety to touch, with extraordinarily bright colour tones. I Laccati are an example of ceramics respecting the culture of a territory brimming with history like Faenza and its potters’ studios. The delicate glossy surface of the colours brings the typical lacquered finish of furniture to mind; this is why I Laccati have every right to be considered part of the world of interior decoration. The 66 colours are available in 4 sizes: starting from the classic cm 10×10-4”x4” and cm 20×20-8”x8”, plus the luxurious cm 5×5-2”x2” and the modern cm 10×30-4”x12”. All the colours are also available as a cm 2,5×2,5-1”x1” or cm 2,5×5-1”x2” pre-scored monochromatic mosaic, both supplied on a cm 20×20- 8”x8” module. The 66 colours are grouped in 13 blends. The blends can be supplied in size cm 10×10-4”x4” already mixed in the boxes or in cm 2,5×2,5-1”x1” and cm 2,5×5-1”x2” mosaics, both mesh mounted on a cm 30×30-12”x12” module. It features a structured programme allowing the creation of superior wall converings in bathrooms and living areas of your home.


Colours and Surfaces

blend Acquerello

blend Biacche

blend Cachemire

blend Ciclamini

blend Cipria

blend Faenza

blend Malva

blend Mineral

blend Neoclassico

blend Siderale

blend Solare

blend Turchesi

blend Tuttifrutti


Special pieces

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