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Ferrous colour shades ranging from rust, bronze, chalk, and ancient whites.This is the pictorial essence of the glazes that mostly characterize the METEOR collection. METEOR is the ideal collection of contemporary flooring with a solid minimal profile that provides continuity with no interruptions from the night area to the day area of the home and extends into the bathroom and the kitchen. The modularity of the three sizes in conjunction whth the octagon on a mesh makes METEOR an essential choice that offers an extremely versatile and expressive style aimed at obtaining excellent results in terms of esthetics and resistance. As a wall covering solution, METEOR offers a particularly strong, yet warm and mild pictorial sensation, while at the same time producing a complete architectural ceramic project. By including the diamond listel on a mesh, METEOR represents a very complete collection which highlights its esthetical and decorative elements as well as its technical aspects.


Colours and Surfaces


Special pieces




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