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Restaurant & Café Kweer, Switzerland

LAPIS collection, Rio Velato craquelé colour – 20x30x2 cm – 8”x12”x0,8”

Our three-dimensional LAPIS tile in the RIo Velato craquelé colour, size 20x30x2 cm – 8”x12”x0.8”, has been chosen as a decorative element to cover the counter of the new “Restaurant & Café Kweer” in Zurich. Classic style and elegance blend in the furnishings and details, creating a sophisticated and welcoming environment.

Project by Wind AG, Zurich

Modern Bar, USA

STICK collection, Liquerizia colour – 20×120 cm – 8″x48″

Enter a realm of contemporary elegance where the shimmering charm of glossy black STICK Liquerizia 20×120 cm – 8”x48” wall tiles meets the classic sophistication of wood paneling. Every detail is meticulously crafted, creating a modern and timeless environment.

Relax in emerald colour

THARROS collection – 6,5×26 cm – 2,5”x10”

THARROS is a collection of glazed terracotta ceramic tiles with a modern design, which evokes the historical roots of the ceramics thanks to its irregular edge. The glossy surface brings out the brightness and intensity of the Emerald colour. Precisely because of the beauty of this colour, it was chosen to cover the bathrooms of a prestigeous and elegant hotel. The traditional installation, staggered on a low wall, creates a contrasting effect with the extreme modernity of the marble, the gold taps and other materials used. This mix makes the spaces really chic!

Palma Poke – Hawaiian Restaurant

THARROS collection – 6,5×26 cm – 2,5”x10”

The new Pokeria, located in Rome, is a scenographic, colorful and whimsical space, which is identified by the lively and refined decorations. Designed by RPM Project, the Pokeria is dominated by an exotic style and, for this reason, it was decided to cover the walls with our Tharros tile, in the brilliant Emerald colour, sized 6.5×26 cm – 2.5”x10”, of which the straight laying highlights its modernity. The ceiling recalls the idea of an aerial pergola, from which a cascade of tropical green descends.

Claridge’s HotelLondon – United Kingdom
Custom Tiles

It all started with a phone call! Our client asked us to cover the internal atrium of the prestigious Claridge’s Hotel in London with something truly unique. After considering various options, it was decided to use three-dimensional, pyramid-shaped tiles, in a glossy finish, mother-of-pearl white, in the 6.5×26 cm – 2.5”x10” format. The project, led by Derek Whetton Consultancy, in collaboration with Arups and Blair Associates, set the challenge of merging the most modern aesthetic innovation to the tradition of a historic building, protected by the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage. Also for this reason, our research to offer the most suitable product has been meticulous. Today, the atrium of the Claridges Hotel is covered by glass filled with a few inches of water , which filters the light, creating a dreamy atmosphere, given by the iridescent and faceted reflection on the surface of the walls, which act like a prism thanks to the glazed tiles by Ceramica Senio.The result is truly stunning. The feeling is being protected by the intimacy of a shell, caressed by the purest, most delicate and magical beauty of light. An experience beyond time and space, which makes a stay in one of the most exclusive hotels in the world even more special.

La Guardia Airport – Delta Terminal “Sunday supper trattoria”

Piastrelle | tiles: Lapis Rena Intenso

Our three-dimensional tile LAPIS in the color Rena Intenso, size 20x30x2 cm – 8”x12”x0,8”, was chosen as a decorative element to cover the new bar counter of the “Sunday supper trattoria” inside the airport La Guardia – Delta Terminal a New York – USA. The particular tone of red and the three-dimensionality of the tile make the environment sophisticated and welcoming.


ASTEMIO “Wine&Food”- Rome
Custom tiles: 6,5×26 cm – 2,5”x10” and Piramidi 3D

ASTEMIO “Wine&Food” is a famous wine shop in Rome which thanks to the aesthetic touch of the architecture studio RPM Proget, has renovated the interiors, transforming it into a place with a refined aesthetic taste. Wine is the true protagonist and that’s why RPM commissioned us some custom ceramics in the color Rena Intenso that recalled the traditional carmine colour of wine. The entire bar counter has been covered with these special 6.5×26 cm – 2.5”x10” tiles which, in addition to the colour, are characterized by three-dimensional pyramid shapes.

Many Market – Copenhagen
Custom Tiles: Tharros collection

A facade with red customized tiles, for outdoor use, is the desire expressed by Cobearchitects to renovate an old factory where the Meny supermarket is now located, in a part of Copenhagen called “the red city”. And we have satisfied them! The tile used belongs to the THARROS collection in the 6,5×26 cm – 2,5”x10” characterized by an irregular edge. The color used is Rosso Rubino!

Genovese Coffee House – Australia
Tiles: Bon Bon collection Ceramica Senio

Genovese Coffee House is a place with an industrial design and a relaxed and refined mood, inspired by the atmosphere of the mid-1900s Italian bars. The handcrafted Caramel- colored tile in the 10×10 cm – 4”x4” format from the Bon Bon collection was the perfect choice to cover the large table and the bar counter as it blends perfectly with the earthy, warm and natural materials used in the rest of the room. Bon Bon Caramel Medio is a glazed terracotta tile that embodies all the flavor of the Italian ceramic tradition. The shiny craquelé enamel gives a glossy effect to the surface, enhancing the irregularity of the handmade biscuit.

Hilton DoubleTree – Belgium
Piastrelle | Tiles: Lapis collection Ceramica Senio

The elegant mood of the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel bar- restaurant is perfect for welcoming its guests with the Lapis collection on the bar counter. The Bruno Dorato metal, on the Rena Intenso, stands out among the neutral tones of the furniture, creating a flaming and welcoming touch of colour. The project was designed by Technifloor.


Beam Café – Londra
Piastrelle | Tiles: Lapis collection Ceramica Senio

103, Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London is the address of the third location of the award winning BEAM Café. The latest renovation of the iconic place was designed by Ola Jachymiak Studio and the result is a retro-contemporary venue with an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. Designer lighting, delicate colours and raw materials coexist harmoniously in the bathroom, where our Lapis collection has been installed, using the neutral White Moon tiles for the covering.


Jalan Bar – Pub & Restaurant_Hong Khong
Piastrelle | Tiles: Lapis collection Ceramica Senio

The Oasi intense colour of Lapis collection, combined to the brilliant Rosso corallo is the protagonist of the counter of the Jalan Bar. The novelty in this restaurant, with an oriental and “green” flavour, is the use of our Lapis tile as a placemat; the result is an unusual and design furniture that also involves the table.


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