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Laccati collection

This project is full of color, spring and creativity! It is a mosaic mural created by the artist Marcin Bogusawski, who used broken tiles of different colors from the LACCATI collection in an irregular manner in the 20×20 cm – 8”x8” format; creating mosaic tiles in a “Palladian” style. The artwork, which measures approximately 300×300 cm, is located in the residential area of Capellania, FuertaVentura (Spain).

Claridge’s HotelLondon – United Kingdom
Custom Tiles

It all started with a phone call! Our client asked us to cover the internal atrium of the prestigious Claridge’s Hotel in London with something truly unique. After considering various options, it was decided to use three-dimensional, pyramid-shaped tiles, in a glossy finish, mother-of-pearl white, in the 6.5×26 cm – 2.5”x10” format. The project, led by Derek Whetton Consultancy, in collaboration with Arups and Blair Associates, set the challenge of merging the most modern aesthetic innovation to the tradition of a historic building, protected by the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage. Also for this reason, our research to offer the most suitable product has been meticulous. Today, the atrium of the Claridges Hotel is covered by glass filled with a few inches of water , which filters the light, creating a dreamy atmosphere, given by the iridescent and faceted reflection on the surface of the walls, which act like a prism thanks to the glazed tiles by Ceramica Senio.The result is truly stunning. The feeling is being protected by the intimacy of a shell, caressed by the purest, most delicate and magical beauty of light. An experience beyond time and space, which makes a stay in one of the most exclusive hotels in the world even more special.

ASTEMIO “Wine&Food”- Rome
Custom tiles: 6,5×26 cm – 2,5”x10” and Piramidi 3D

ASTEMIO “Wine&Food” is a famous wine shop in Rome which thanks to the aesthetic touch of the architecture studio RPM Proget, has renovated the interiors, transforming it into a place with a refined aesthetic taste. Wine is the true protagonist and that’s why RPM commissioned us some custom ceramics in the color Rena Intenso that recalled the traditional carmine colour of wine. The entire bar counter has been covered with these special 6.5×26 cm – 2.5”x10” tiles which, in addition to the colour, are characterized by three-dimensional pyramid shapes.

Many Market – Copenhagen
Custom Tiles: Tharros collection

A facade with red customized tiles, for outdoor use, is the desire expressed by Cobearchitects to renovate an old factory where the Meny supermarket is now located, in a part of Copenhagen called “the red city”. And we have satisfied them! The tile used belongs to the THARROS collection in the 6,5×26 cm – 2,5”x10” characterized by an irregular edge. The color used is Rosso Rubino!

Projects in pink

Piastrelle | Tiles: Lapis CollectionStick Collection, Acqua Collection, Luna Déco CollectionSpatula CollectionTuscania CollectionLaccati CollectionEarth Collection  –  Ceramica Senio

The pink colour stands for refinement, calm, elegance, optimism and love. Positive qualities we want in life… and in our homes. We’ll reveal you a secret: in ceramics, the pink colour is very difficult to obtain. Specific raw materials, often difficult to find, are needed, in addition to a lot of experience in dosing them. Thanks to our laboratory and to our highly qualified staff, who work with passion and determination, we always manage to obtain any shade of colour requested by the customer. What are you waiting for? Click here to find out the latest projects made in pink!


Industrial Style 10. ideas

A few weeks ago we launched a contest on our Instagram page in which we asked which bathroom style you’d like to see in the next newsletters. 80% of you answered: INDUSTRAL STYLE! But what is it exactly? Which Senio tiles are the most suitable to recreate this mood? The industrial style was born in New York in the 1950s. After the war the need to fnd new lowcost houses made people choose shubby spaces, such as factories, ofices, business centers, etc. This is how on the East coast of the United States a new style has developped and is still one of the main trends in modern housess! Even the bathroom could not escape this trend. The materials remind of old factories: concrete, rustic wood, metals, exposed pipes and vintage furniture! The tiles, usually brick-layed like the old bricks walls which characterized these places, are mostly white or in shades of gray, often handmade, “aged” or fnished with metals glazes to add that eccentric touch, typical of the “chic” Industrial style.

Ai Banchi del Mercato Centrale_ food court at I Gigli mall Campi Bisenzio (Florence, Italy)

Project: Q-BIC Studio – Luca Baldini and Marco Baldini Architects

Tiles: Laccati collection – Ceramica Senio

It was just inaugurated at the gates of Florence, inside the I GIGLI shopping center, the “Ai Banchi del Mercato Centrale” area.
A space totally dedicated to high-quality food, where customers can taste or buy the specialties of true “taste craftsmen”.
The Florentine Q-BIC architecture studio by Luca and Marco Baldini has identified our ceramic tiles as the common element to merge the different styles of the several individual crafts.
The tile-coating of each “bench” consists of a single 10×20 cm size but declinated in 14 different colors carefully selected and made of brilliant lacquered surface (collection Laccati): each shop is characterized by a bench in a different color, while white tiles are their common background. Combined special pieces are used for corners and edges of benches and columns, as well.
In every “bottega del gusto”, the artisan tradition is exalted by the choice of materials, all natural and by the freshness of the products, served every day.


Have you ever imagined to tile a whole public space with 3D ceramics?
In the small village of “Porto Pojana”, a gastronomy jewel nestled between land and lake in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland, this dream has become true.
The project consists in the restoration of an ancient building used in the past as a resting spot for coaches travelling from Switzerland to Italy (hence the name Terminus) and now converted into a restaurant.
The interior design plays with the shades of thousands of three-dimensional tiles with semicircular section, which cover the walls like many colored crayons, creating an innovative and impressive decorative system.

Walls: Lapis collection by Ceramica Senio
Project: Gaffurini Pagani Tresoldi architects


  • Lapis

FASHION SHOP _ Liverpool _ UK

Covering of the international “River Island” clothing chain, of which the famous singer Rihanna is fashion designer and testimonial.


  • Rectangular shape
  • Curved special piece

LA ZANZARA restaurant _Roma

LA ZANZARA Restaurant, in Rome, has chosen our double-fired TRAPUNTA plain tiles for its vintage location.

The project is designed by RPM Project.

CENTRO restaurant_Rome, Italy

CENTRO is a traditional restaurant located in Rome, also called “Grocery with kitchen”, designed by architect Studio RPM Proget, that chose Ceramica Senio for its wall tiles.
As evidenced by the furniture, the style of the restaurant is inspired by the 60s and also the ceramic tile covering with its lived-in look is in perfect harmony with the location and takes us back in time.
The wall tiles are characterized by an aged effect and shaded brick look, which is the result of a particular research blending 4 white shades and 5 red tones with a high materic glaze, which reproduces the roughness of the aged brick on the surface of each piece.

Project by: RPM Proget architects


  • sizes, colours and  biscuit custom made for our customer


Costa Crociere ships have chosen Ceramica Senio to recall their vivid institutional colours in the interior coverings, using 5×5 cm – 2″x2″ size of  Laccati collection.

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