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Rivestimento/Wall: N7420 cm 15x15 - 6”x6” Baja, N7500 cm 15x15 - 6”x6” Verde Smeraldo, N7917 cm 3x15 - 1”x6” Quarter Round Baja, N7918 cm 3x3x3 - 1”x1”x1” Beack Quarter Round Baja
Rivestimento/Wall: N7420 cm 15x15 - 6”x6” Baja
Rivestimento/Wall: N7440 cm 15x15 - 6”x6” Turchese, N7927 cm 3x15 - 1”x6” Quarter Round Turchese

The power of colour_Greece

The power of colour

Piastrelle | Tiles: Tuscania collection – Ceramica Senio

The Mediterranean style and colours characterize the spaces of an original Hotel in the heart of the Cyclades Islands, Greece. The owner has found, in our hand-made tiles from TUSCANIA collection, all the charm of mare nostrum and, in particular, of its smaller islands. The Verde Mare and the Azzurro Baja colours of the tiles are the background behind the furnishings, that recall the shapes and the charm of exotic countries, and give the interior a welcoming and embracing atmosphere… that enchants!


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