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Power to the size 5×20 cm – 2”x8”

LACCATI collection – 4,85×20 cm – 2”x8″

This is the story of a family apartment, in a 1960s building, which has been redesigned to become the home of a couple who has chosen to live in the town of Ortona. The apartment has two souls: the contemporary one of the new interior design and the one of memory personified by the furniture and objects that the couple brought with them from the houses where they previously lived. The double dimension winds through the spaces, related by colour and materials. We also find this play of contrasts in the bathroom, where the “Giallo medio” colour of the tiles in the shower from the Laccati collection sized 4.85×20 cm – 2”x8” and the refined green tone of the walls welcome some modern pieces that, renewed in their function, act as a built-in sink as well as an impromptu bookcase. The vertical laying of the tiles and the contrasting colour of the grout create clean lines suspended between past and present, simplicity and refinement!


Project by Alexia Caccavella Studio @acsinteriordesign

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