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Claridge’s HotelLondon – United Kingdom
Custom Tiles

It all started with a phone call! Our client asked us to cover the internal atrium of the prestigious Claridge’s Hotel in London with something truly unique. After considering various options, it was decided to use three-dimensional, pyramid-shaped tiles, in a glossy finish, mother-of-pearl white, in the 6.5×26 cm – 2.5”x10” format. The project, led by Derek Whetton Consultancy, in collaboration with Arups and Blair Associates, set the challenge of merging the most modern aesthetic innovation to the tradition of a historic building, protected by the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage. Also for this reason, our research to offer the most suitable product has been meticulous. Today, the atrium of the Claridges Hotel is covered by glass filled with a few inches of water , which filters the light, creating a dreamy atmosphere, given by the iridescent and faceted reflection on the surface of the walls, which act like a prism thanks to the glazed tiles by Ceramica Senio.The result is truly stunning. The feeling is being protected by the intimacy of a shell, caressed by the purest, most delicate and magical beauty of light. An experience beyond time and space, which makes a stay in one of the most exclusive hotels in the world even more special.

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