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Palazzo R. Bordini_Ravenna, Italy
Palazzo R. Bordini is a well known small ancient palace in the centre of Lugo, closed to Ravenna.
The decoration of the exterior façade recalls the floral motifs of the 19th century and the interior has a relaxing atmosphere created by light, rejections and pastel colours which warmed the environment.Everything is in perfect harmony, from the Renaissance furniture to our ceramic tiles.
In the ground floor bathroom, our Laccati collection displays delicate nuances of a warm sunset; Heos collection refreshes the atmosphere of the first floor bathroom with twilight colours whilst the crackle glass effect softens the geometric precision of the environment.
Trapunta collection, selected for the main bathroom on the second floor creates a warm and elegant room.
We were pleasantly surprised by this renovation where our ceramic tiles integrate with the environment and become part of this sophisticated and timeless project.

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